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Does Cold Stone Ice Cream Cost A Great Deal

October 14, 2015
If you look at the spectacular growth that Cold Stone has experienced in the past 26 years of business, you may not believe it. Lots of people can hardly believe how successful they've been.

You could also ponder, “Exactly how much is Cold Stone ice cream, anyway?”

Except, this isn't the question you should ask. The company hasn’t sustained its growth by charging ridiculous prices for its premium ice cream. Cold Stone has enhanced revenues by promoting franchisee support and tasty ice cream treats. This preserves revenue growth by maximizing the amount of sales.

Cold Stone’s Franchise Model

The primary thing that Cold Stone does to establish itself apart from other franchises is offer its franchisees all the world-class assistance they need to be prosperous.

Lots of food franchises simply give their owners a handbook and let them ascertain the rest out on their own. That signifies no real training is available, just suggestions on what ought to happen.

Cold Stone, though, clearly sees the advantages of a prepared franchise leadership group. By giving each new franchisee detailed training (at both the business headquarters in Arizona and their own individual store), they ready them to make informed choices that will improve the brand as time passes by.

By supplying their franchisees a solid base of company knowledge, they do more than merely preserve the brand. They also set up each franchise owner for success, which in turn will make the company more attractive for potential owners.

This training program has created sustained growth for Cold Stone Creamery. In only twenty-five years, Cold Stone has expanded to more than 1500 stores. It really is a journey of unrivaled success for an ice cream business.

A Product People Enjoy

It would be an underestimation to call Cold Stone just another ice cream shop. Cold Stone takes pride in providing higher-quality, premium ice cream with essentially unlimited personalization options.

That's why lovers of ice cream continue returning to Cold Stone, rather than just purchasing a carton of ice cream at their neighborhood grocery store.

The ice cream is simply delicious. Cold Stone offers a mixture of traditional ice cream that is harder and the soft-serve that so many individuals are after. The texture for Cold Stone Creamery ice cream is unrivaled. Not too soft, not too hard – and this consistency serves as an ideal frame for the flavor.

Everyone tends to have a favored flavor of ice cream. At Cold Stone, this query is not as easy as it appears. You have the conventional flavors – your chocolate chip or rocky road – but that is just the start of the experience.

The large selection of flavors is just a part of the puzzle--with the toppings bar presenting a spread of options as well. There are so many choices that you can easily come back hundreds of times and never get the same flavor twice – a challenge many people seem all too excited to accept.
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