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Cold Stone Franchise Needs Small Start-up Cash And Generates Huge Profit

November 07, 2015
Is it correct that the hottest franchise available would rather keep it cold? You can locate the Cold Stone Creamery franchise everywhere you go simply because: Start-up cash is small and profit is huge.

When you step into a Cold Stone store, you will surely notice that the employees are warm and friendly and the environment is tidy and clean. You could savor scoops of scrumptious ice cream with a selection of delightful flavors and an assortment of dazzling toppings.

Everyone will agree. That's why a lot of clients keep coming back for more. Actually, it's what franchise ownership is about. After all, there is nothing like seeing the faces of your clients light up while they experience your business - except maybe seeing them the next time they return.

That, in a nutshell, is the secret to Cold Stone’s success. The small stores offer an intimate experience, giving you the opportunity to connect to all your customers. You will not have this opportunity with a bigger store as things will be different.

You see offering an intimate setting won't require you to work as hard to be successful. A larger store requires upkeep - lots of sweeping and mopping. You could operate the business better if you don't spend all of your time cleaning. Turnover is also minimal since this could lessen the hassle of always hiring and training new staff and at the same time, improve the skills of the existing staff.

The four hundred stores globally in addition to over a thousand stores within the United States would prove that the Cold Stone store is the hottest business nowadays. Franchisees also love the short prep time to open up a store, which is about 4-12 months. Which means that you can make your entrepreneurial dream a reality in no time at all.

The attractiveness of owning a Cold Stone franchise is causing folks to sit up and take notice. Many publications have singled out Cold Stone for its impressive business design, such as QSR magazine, Franchise Direct and Entrepreneur magazine. The reviews and praises would continue to flow with the benefits offered by the business.

It is not hard to start your very own business, and the requirements are not especially strict. There’s a short application process, during which you complete their forms and wait for approval. You can set up your own store when you have picked a site.

What’s terrific is that you will be given help from the very first part of the process until end. They provide extensive training at their Scottsdale, AZ, headquarters, and they will even send experts out to you for a more personalized experience.

So what are you waiting for? Be your own boss and have a profitable business with a Cold Stone store. With all the assistance you need, you will productively operate a store with a huge client base. The reality is this is a simple and rewarding business.

More importantly, you could have all the ice cream you would like!