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Cold Stone Creamery Has Experienced Incredible Growth

September 17, 2015
Cold Stone was created in the state of Arizona in 1988 by Susan Sutherland and Donald Sutherland. The founders grew Cold Stone from one small store in Tempe, Arizona, into hundreds of sites before merging with Kahala Corporation, a large food company in 2007.

Currently, there are over one thousand Cold Stone locations in the U.S. This represents rapid growth over a twenty five year period that few businesses can compete with. This doesn't take into account worldwide growth, with more than four-hundred locations outside of the U.S.. There are plenty of men and women within the company who anticipate Cold Stone Creamery to be able to expand internationally for quite a few years in the future. There are good grounds to believe that global growth will increase in the coming years.

Although countless fast food companies have dropped-off or reached a ceiling in the last year or so, Cold Stone Creamery has experienced  incredible growth, even in the midst of an economic depression. In fact, they've been showing strong growth during a time when many companies in the industry are having difficulties. This is because Cold Stone has a strong model and great senior leadership. There is no doubt that there are various other profitable locations waiting to be claimed. Those investors who are interested just have to take the opportunity in front of them!

Franchising with Cold Stone Creamery is a terrific opportunity because of the top quality product that has a well-known track record of growth, but also because of the low barrier for entry financially. Whereas many franchises charge over a million dollars to set up, Cold Stone estimates franchising costs with them to be not even half that. Not only is it cheaper to get into business with Cold Stone, it's usually cheaper to run monthly as well.

The ice-cream that Cold Stone uses is high-end product. Which means that higher prices can be justified because it's a better product. Customers at Cold Stone have constantly shown a willingness to pay more for the better quality product, especially if it's provided with a smile.

Shockingly, the market for higher quality ice-cream doesn't seem to depend upon the stability of the economy either. Ice-cream is always in demand, no matter what season it is or what the U.S. economyis doing.

For franchisees, this means big profits when partnering with Cold Stone. It's common to go to a store and see a line that extends outside. This is mainly because people are willing to pay for quality ice-cream and Cold Stone is really the only place that offers it. If you might be interested in taking part in the growth of Cold Stone Creamery, then you should get in touch with them promptly. They are constantly expanding and you don't want to miss out on the opportunities.
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